Formed Hoses

AS-KA is your expert for hose assemblies and pipes.

In tight and demanding installation situations, flexible materials and a wide product range with specific shapes are required. At AS-KA, we specialize in hose assemblies and pipes and know what matters.

Our range of hose assemblies includes fluid and air solutions such as rubber hoses, silicone hoses, plastic pipes (blow molding process), and metal pipes. The focus of our production lies on molded form hoses.

We have advanced production capabilities that allow us to offer customized solutions. With our extrusion processes, we can manufacture hoses and pipes with different diameters and material combinations. We are also capable of producing parts with fabric reinforcements to ensure increased strength and stability.

Our assembly capabilities include adapting hose lengths, adding connection elements such as connectors, couplings, or clamps, as well as assembling special components according to your requirements. Additionally, we offer special configurations, such as applying fabric reinforcements at specific points on the hose to achieve improved pressure resistance.

Our experienced team is available to discuss your individual requirements and provide you with tailored solutions. We take pride in supplying renowned companies from various industries with our high-quality hose assemblies and customer-oriented service. You can rely on us to offer you complete solutions from a single source.