Aluminum Die Casting

AS-KA works in close collaboration with strategic production partners in Turkey and is a competent development and series supplier for aluminum die-cast parts. As a system supplier, AS-KA offers its economic attractiveness in terms of tool costs and part prices.

Following the proven principle of "everything from a single source," aluminum parts are successfully melted, cast, trimmed, mechanically processed, and surface-finished — a practice we have been carrying out for nearly 40 years.

Our range of services includes:

  • Aluminum die-cast parts for all industries, including the automotive industry, electronics, mechanical engineering, household appliances, construction, and more.
  • Comprehensive service from one source, from tool design to the finished product.
  • Processing of various alloys possible to meet the requirements and specifications of our customers.
  • Processable weight: 80 g to 7.5 kg.
  • Depending on the shape, dimensions, and material conditions, we also offer additional processing options such as surface treatment, trimming, punching, or mechanical machining.

Trust in our long-standing experience and expertise in the field of aluminum die casting. We offer you high-quality solutions tailored to your requirements. Our products find application in various industries, and we always strive to exceed your expectations. With our diverse processing capabilities and wide range of industries served, we are able to provide customized solutions for customers from different fields.