Custom Molded Parts

Tailored Solutions for Individual Challenges

The requirements for technical molded parts are highly diverse, whether in the automotive supply industry or other industrial sectors. The use of rubber molded parts or rubber-metal parts knows almost no boundaries due to different application areas. They find application in all areas of industry as covers or protective elements, buffers, seals, or anti-vibration components, serving purposes such as protection, damping, sealing, and/or insulation. The good mechanical and chemical properties of the materials used allow for a wide range of applications. The application area and conditions determine the manufacturing process (transfer or injection molding process) and material selection.

At AS-KA, we supply renowned companies from various industries with our high-quality molded parts. Our customers include, among others, the automotive industry, the electrical and electronics industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, and many more. Our many years of experience enable us to meet specific requirements and standards of each respective industry and offer customized solutions.

Since each of our molded parts is individually manufactured to fully meet the specific requirements, information about the product and the application area is crucial for flawless production. Additional refinements or surface treatments can be carried out if necessary. There is also the possibility to combine parts from different manufacturing processes, such as integrating rubber and metal. We offer you tailored rubber-metal connections that guarantee the highest strength and reliability.

In an order volume ranging from 300 to 10,000 pieces, a weight of 5 g to 50 kg per molded part, and a length of up to one meter, we deliver customized special productions to our customers. Our assembly capabilities range from adapting the molded part geometry to integrating connection elements such as threaded inserts or mounting plates, to special requirements such as rubber-metal connections. Our experienced team is available to discuss your individual requirements and provide you with complete solutions from a single source.